Devoted to his profession and art, studious and dedicated. These three elements summarize the personality of 39-year-old make-up artist Anderson Bueno.

I love my work. Studying, researching and fully dedicating myself to it is what makes me whole. This resembles well my personality as a make up artist and for the past 20 years I've sought getting better at what I do. Even though it all started by chance encouraged by my photographer friend Tadeu Augusto Loppara, my professional life started to get form and shape, leading me to take a specializing make up course at "Make Up For Ever" ministered by Corinne Perez. Soon after I was heading to Spain for an artistic make up course at "Stick Art Studio" in Barcelona.
Today, I have the opportunity of creating and working with various artists, theater and opera productions and have been privileged by being nominated quite a few times to the "Prêmio Avon Color de Maquiagem" and awarded with the "Prêmio Conexão Beauty Art 2010" in the "Dramatic Arts" category for the musical "La Cage Aux Folles" and recently I also received the "Best Make Up Artist" award by "Cabelos & Cia" Magazine 2012

In 2002 I launched together with a cosmetics brand self make-up free workshops to women who were undergoing chemotherapy treatment at Pérola Byington Hospital in São Paulo. Nowadays I still do the same work along with the Avon Institute at Sírio Libanês Hospital. I was very proud for being invited to do Yoko Ono's make up in her only performance in Brazil in her 50th career anniversary celebration "A Night with Yoko". Likewise, I was proud to work with actor Patrick Dempsey in São Paulo on the launching of the fragrance "Patrick – 2", signed by him.

It was very pleasant also to create a great look for the famous Brazilian singer Claudia Leitte for the "Rock In Rio Festival – 2011" as well as take care of John Malkovich's make up during his performances of "The Infernal Comedy" in São Paulo.

Research is an essential tool used in my creations for the theater, movies, television or music shows. I believe make up is much more than simply applying paint on a face. It has the power of transforming people in different characters for show business, but in our everyday life, it should bring out the best we have.


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